Patient Endorsement | Judas Law
February 1, 2019
Patient Endorsement | Annabella Woo & Ava Wong
February 1, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Ray Chung

Being the lead vocal of the band sp’ACE and a TV host, Ray always needed to wear contact lens to practice with his band until midnight. His eyes constantly got severe redness and dryness as a result and he felt like his lens almost fall out of his eyes. Ray said it was very exhausting.


Looking “cool” and “pretty” probably are what the young generation desires. Ray expressed his lack of confidence during childhood because of having myopia and that he did not know what kind of glasses suit his face shape best. He even doubted if his face shape is suitable for any type of glasses. This is the reason why he hated himself with glasses on. Like anyone else, Ray once forgot to bring his contact lens with him for business travel. Thus, he had to work under a blurred vision for the whole trip.


With only 5 minutes, Ray got his SMILE surgery finished and regained 80% of his clear eyesight right after surgery. His eyesight even got 100% recovered the next day. Thereafter, red eyes no longer occur when Ray practices with his band and there is no need for him to find his glasses when he wakes up every morning. He is pleasantly surprised that SMILE made his work and life much more convenient.

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