Patient Endorsement | Mr Yiu (Alex Yiu)
February 22, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Regen Cheung

I always resisted refractive surgery before I got to know it, since there were many worries and concerns. However, I saw lots of my friends completed SMILE surgery and the effects were good, so I finally decided to find a good clinic for this. While having eye examination, I found there was a number of eye checks, to ensure the fitness and safety of having an eye surgery, and it was not as easy as expected! Initially I was quite worried about the eye surgery but fortunately my doctor offered counselling and detailed explanations to ease my worries. I following the doctor’s instructions, the surgery finished shortly and there were no uncomfortable feelings. I could see very clearly just after the surgery. When I went back to the clinic for follow-up consultation next day, the doctor said my eyes recovered well with 1.2 vision, and I could even go hiking after a few days!

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