Patient Endorsement | Ray Chung
February 1, 2019
個案分享 | 陸詩韻
February 17, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Annabella Woo & Ava Wong

Being professional models, Annabella Woo and Ava Wong need to wear contact lens for a long time for photo-shooting and events every day. Both of them experienced the problems of red and dry eyes, so they went for SMILE surgery.


Although Ava only had around 200 degrees of myopia, she had to wear glasses in order to see clearly when she was watching television and driving. She admitted that wearing glasses is a burden to her, but at the same time she knew wearing contact lens for a prolonged period of time would cause problems like red eyes and dry eyes. When Ava learnt that SMILE is safer and has a smaller wound than traditional LASIK, she was relieved to do SMILE surgery. After the surgery, Ava did not experience dry eyes or any other side effects so she recommended SMILE to her friend Annabella.


Annabella had around 700 degrees of myopia. Once, she forgot to bring her glasses along on vacation and she described that feeling of not able to see anything clearly was like being blind which made her very anxious. When she saw her friend, Ava regained clear vision after SMILE surgery without any side effects, she was determined to do SMILE to get rid of the inconvenience of myopia. It only took Annabella one to two days to fully recover and be able to resume her normal schedule. Tossing away all her glasses and contact lens gave Annabella the feeling of unconstrained freedom brought by SMILE.

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