Patient Endorsement | Lam Lei & William Hu
February 1, 2019
Patient Endorsement | Ray Chung
February 1, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Judas Law

Judas Law, a post-90s busker who became famous overnight with her beautiful voice, needs to wear glasses and contact lens for her myopia and astigmatism, which had brought her a lot of troubles in daily life.


Since Judas does busking often, her eyes always focus on the same position for a long time. Wearing contact lens makes her eyes dry and tired. She felt like her contact lens became too dry that they almost fell out of her eyes all the time. This not only brought much inconvenience and troubles to her life but also affected her busking performance.


Judas was feared of the traditional LASIK surgery because she had seen videos about LASIK when she was studying biology in secondary school. Thus, even though myopia and astigmatism brought her much inconvenience, she was too afraid to do LASIK surgery. Later, Judas learnt that SMILE is a breakthrough vision correction technology from various channels. The fact that the wound from SMILE surgery is much smaller than that of LASIK and it has a high level of safety changed Judas’s impression on vision correction. Therefore, she decided to have surgery to correct her eyesight in order to make her life easier.


After the surgery, Judas’s recovery was much faster and better than expected. She can now better focus on her favorite busking and begin her wonderful journey after regaining clear vision.

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