Patient Endorsement | Chloe Li
February 21, 2019
Patient Endorsement | Mr Yiu (Alex Yiu)
February 22, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Miss Cheung (Chako Cheung)

“What an ugly four-eyed girl!” Miss Cheung used to wear thick and heavy glasses when she was a little girl because of 800 degrees of myopia. Even when she chose the thinnest lenses, they were still quite thick indeed. Therefore, she was always teased by classmates which affected her confidence.


Miss Cheung would rather have blurred vision than put on her glasses because of that reason. Unfortunately, her myopia increased 200 degrees in only a year. Later on, she always got eye infections due to prolonged wearing of contact lens. Consequently, her eye health was undermined and she had to visit the doctor three to four times a month. Therefore, she decided to correct her vision to remove the inconvenience caused in daily life and to become pretty again.


After searching online for vision-correcting information, Miss Cheung discovered that SMILE is a new generation of vision correction technology, with short operation time, small wound area and short recovery time. “Sometimes when I only go out for one to two hours, it seems wasteful to wear contact lens. After vision correction, I do not have to worry at all again!”.


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