Patient Endorsement | Miss Cheung (Chako Cheung)
February 22, 2019
Patient Endorsement | Regen Cheung
August 7, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Mr Yiu (Alex Yiu)


Mr Yiu, who had around 600 degrees of myopia that caused much inconvenience in daily life, decided to correct his vision in order to regain clear eyesight.


Mr Yiu has had the experience of colliding with his friends during sports which hurt his eye corner when his glasses were banged onto the floor. When choosing glasses, he had to pay extra because his lenses are too thick. However, he does not like himself with glasses on as he thinks glasses make him look old. Moreover, he cannot wear contact lens because he has an eye allergy problem.


For these reasons, Mr Yiu searched for vision correction information and knew that SMILE is a revolutionary technology and both the risks of sequelae and bacterial infection are very low. With only 5 minutes of operation, he could see a crystal-clear world when he opened his eyes. His vision was completely recovered the day after the surgery. He was unbelievable that he turned into a completely new person.

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