Clarity Eye Centre was established in 2005 and went public in 2022, making it a Hong Kong-based ophthalmology healthcare group. Located in prime areas of Central and Mong Kok, the Clarity Eye Centre clinics offer a superior location with convenient transportation and spacious environments to provide a comfortable experience for patients. The professional medical team at Clarity Eye Centre consists of over 100 ophthalmologists, optometrists, and frontline healthcare professionals, who leverage their extensive clinical experience and utilize internationally recognized medical equipment to provide specialized ophthalmic services to patients.

The centre offers services including SMILE®️pro, SMILE, LASIK, ICL implantable contact lenses, and multifocal intraocular lens replacement surgery for presbyopia. The aim is to help customers regain clear vision and enhance their quality of life.

100+ people team

Convenient location

Countless awards

Established in 2005

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