ReLEx SMILE Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

SMILE is a breakthrough in ophthalmology. SMILE makes use of the Carl Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser system to correct myopia and astigmatism, which is a big step in vision correction science. SMILE eye surgery has proven more reliable than LASIK, with superior speed and accuracy at a reasonable cost.

Today, over 4,000,000 happy patients in Hong Kong and around the world have received the SMILE treatment. According to clinical studies, patients who have undergone SMILE have close to a 100% satisfaction rate.

We use Carl Zeiss VisuMax for SMILE

The SMILE Process

SMILE is a single step eye surgery technique. The laser directly incises the middle of the cornea by opening a small 2-4 mm incision, removing the cut cornea. Therefore, the corneal curvature changes to receive the effect of correction. Since the procedure of uncovering the corneal flap is eliminated, the wound area is reduced by 80% and the healing process costs you no extra time.

The process of SMILE does not produce any smell, whereas LASIK will produce a burning smell when grinding the cornea. Therefore, patients who receive SMILE generally feel more comfortable during the treatment.

SMILE eye surgery can correct myopia up to -10.00D and astigmatism under 5.00D.

Step 1: Laser directly cut the middle part of the cornea Step2: Open a 2-4 mm small incision Step 3: Remove the cut cornea

SMILE Fees & Costs


1)Preoperative detailed examination**

2)ReLEx SMILE Small Incision Lenticule Extraction

3)Enhance Surgery within 1 years
*Included one pre-enhancement examination and one follow up (after enhancement surgery). If additional eye examination needed will be charged separately.
*Not include Cataract & Presbyopia surgery
*Regular price will be charged if an enhancement surgery is required after one year

4)Maximum 5 times regular postoperative review and medication within half year*
*Follow-ups schedules: approximately one day/one week/one month/three and six month after operation.
*Additional eye examination outside the above schedule, or unable to complete 5 regular follow-ups in half year, may incur a charge of standard consultation fee of HK$700
Medication includes: Postoperative eye drops and Artificial tear(one box), additional medication may be charged separately.

HKD14,800 (monocular) HKD29,000 (binoculus)

**If you are not eligible for surgery after having an orthopaedic examination by an ophthalmologist, an examination fee of Hong Kong $500 will be charged.

You are welcome to contact us at 3188 9000 with any questions you may have about our eye surgery techniques.

The ophthalmologist will provide a preliminary preoperative assessment for the participant.

Advantages of SMILE

  • Femtosecond is 1,000 times faster than the Excimer laser, the entire procedure takes only about 5 minutes
  • No need to create a corneal flap, resulting in reduced eye trauma
  • 2 – 4mm minimum cut within the cornea, causing less damage to the cornea
  • No burning smell during the process
  • No need to worry about displacement of the corneal flap, even when doing strenuous exercise
  • Close to 100% satisfaction rate, with stable recovery and effects
  • Minimizes damage to corneal nerve, reduces postoperative eye dryness and the chance of infection

Are you suitable for SMILE?

Corrects myopia up to 1000 degrees and astigmatism up to 500 degrees.

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