Patient Endorsement | Lam Lei & William Hu
February 1, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Haw Yee Natalie

Natalie, who was the host of a television channel, had been disturbed by myopia since she was small. ‘I started wearing glasses when I was in secondary one. Since I started working, I have been wearing contact lenses for a long time. With my everyday makeup habit, my eyes suffer from inflammation every single year.’ Every time when Natalie’s eyes inflamed, she had to take a sick-leave and stay at home to rest. This caused much inconvenience to her job and life. In order to get rid of contact lenses, Natalie asked her doctor about SMILE surgery and was determined to have the surgery at the end.


Even though Natalie got a good understanding of SMILE from her doctor before the operation, feeling a bit nervous was unavoidable. What amazed her a lot was that the whole surgery was finished in about five minutes only. The next day after the surgery was Natalie’s best day ever. She no longer needs to search for her glasses and the burden placed on her eyes by working overnight is greatly reduced as well. As said by Natalie: no more myopia, say bye to glasses!

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