Patient Endorsement | Mr Yiu (Alex Yiu)
February 22, 2019
Patient Endorsement | Regen Cheung
August 7, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Eunice Chan

When I participated in the shooting of Fun Abroad, which is a TV travel programme, I usually had to wear makeup and make my hair in the early morning. My eyes often were dried and tired as I didn’t have enough sleep and felt uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses! What’s even worse, outdoor shooting went on for more than 10 hours, so my eyes sometimes appeared redness and even felt suffocated! But recently I’ve undergone SMILE laser vision correction, it becomes more convenient as I don’t have to wear contact lenses anymore and do one less makeup step! Even I take part in TV programme shooting from dawn to night now, my eyes don’t feel uncomfortable anymore, not to say applying eye drops to relieve redness! So I’m so happy to have SMILE laser vision correction!

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