Patient Endorsement | Haw Yee Natalie
November 1, 2016
Patient Endorsement | Lam Lei & William Hu
February 1, 2019

Patient Endorsement | Belinda Yan

Artist Belinda Yan needed to wear contact lenses every day to attend various events. In addition, insufficient sleep due to irregular working hour made her eyes dry and red. To solve this problem, Belinda sought for information about vision correction from her doctor.


Usually, patients will be given detailed eye check-up before their operations. This ensures the patients are suitable to have vision correction. Recommendations on the types of vision correction will be given by doctors with regards to the individual conditions of patients. Belinda’s doctor advised her to do SMILE on one eye and do LASIK on the other. ‘I was a little bit worried because LASIK is widely known but SMILE isn’t. However, after the detailed explanation given by the doctor, I learnt that SMILE is a newer generation of vision correction technology. I was relieved after talking to my doctor.’


The whole surgery was completed under five minutes. Belinda only had to keep looking at a green light and the operation was already completed on one eye in just a moment. In comparison, the problem of dry eye after SMILE was less serious than that of LASIK, which was completely recovered in two weeks. On the other hand, dry eye problem after LASIK required around 4 weeks to be recovered. Now, Belinda has officially got rid of contact lenses as her eyes have fully recovered!

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